Social Media


The aim of these activities is to raise awareness among the general public of the principles and practice of intercultural dialogue. This project will make the both traditional and new media campaigns have been undertaken in several countries in the Arab States with a focus on intercommunity understanding and openness.

The Overall Goal/Objective

Fostering and promoting the culture and the practice of dialogue among the Youth and general Public at national level in selected Arab States


Specific objectives


- Empowering Youth as agents of change to promote for Learning Together Principles.

- Raise awareness among youth and general public about commonality of shared human value systems and range of common ground within national and regional context

- Build capacity of regional media professionals and religious leaders in relation to principles and practice of intercultural dialogue in the Arab


Key Interventions

- Produce and scale up training kit for religious leaders to include inter-faith and inter-community messages in their weekly sermons.

- Produce and scale up training kit for media personnel to include professional and ethical standards for media outlets to support intercultural dialogue;

- Mobilizing media and in particular social media and developing TV Spots to promote the culture of dialogue