The Center seeks to create a new environment which will facilitate dialogue among various sections of the society with the aim of promoting public interest and consolidating national unity based on the Islamic faith. This can be achieved by realizing the following objectives:


First: consolidating national unity within the framework of the Islamic faith and deepening it further through comprehensive national dialogue

Second: Contributing toward the presentation of the true image of Islam inside and outside the country based on moderation through constructive dialogue

Third: Tackling social, cultural, political, economic and educational problems using dialogue channels and its mechanisms
Fourth: Promoting the concept and characteristics of dialogue within the society and turning them into a method for dealing with various types of problems facing the society

Fifth: Encouraging the largest possible number of people to take part in the dialogue and to further strengthen the role of civil societies with the aim of ensuring justice, equality and freedom of expression within the framework of the Shar’iah law

Sixth: Reactivating the national dialogue in close collaboration with the relevant establishments

Seventh: Reinforcing communications and national dialogue channels with organizations and individuals outside the Kingdom

Eighth: Developing a strategic vision for national dialogue and ensuring the application of the results obtained in the process


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