The current formal educational system in Yemen is not designed to meet the psychological, social or academic needs of children living in crisis, thus immediate support is needed to contribute to the wellbeing of children in Yemen. Responding to this urgent need, the UNESCO Office in Beirut has organized a 4 days Training of Trainers workshop with the aim to support the government of Yemen in its emergency response efforts.

This workshop provided the 20 participants an advanced introduction to psychosocial support and facilitation techniques, more specifically it aimed to:
- build a core group of trainers in psychosocial support for Yemen;
- provide participants with knowledge about psychological and social reactions, needs and interventions in times of crisis, respecting relevant and appropriate cultural frameworks;
- build the capacity of participants in planning a variety of interventions that are sensitive to local circumstances; and
- build the capacity of participants in delivering training workshop in psychosocial support, and adapt materials to the local context.

A follow up plan including the launching of a series of National Psychosocial Support Workshops will take place in Yemen very soon.

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