This forum is a summit academic event, with a primary purpose of assembling researchers in the area of social sciences and humanities, who by presentation of their scientific attainments will contribute to the development of the interdisciplinary concept in higher education.
By expressing their opinions and attitudes, hundreds of participants from all over the world will have the opportunity to discuss social, cultural, economic, educational and scientific problems thus contributing to a better society.
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The 2014 International Conference on Arabic and Islamic Studies (ICAIS2014), will be held during April 4-5, 2014, in Dubai, UAE. ICAIS 2014, aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of Arabic and Islamic Studies, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.
The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Arabic and Islamic Studies and related areas.
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The workshop course is an intensive TOT course composed of 5 training days. It is a residential event that will take place in KSA. The aim is to create a network of 30 trainers who have the competences of training others on issues related to Intercultural Dialogue in the Arab States. The course is designed and delivered by UNESCO and the Center of Kind Abdul Aziz for National Dialogue. The working language will be Arabic.

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Jointly supported by UNESCO and the AUF, this course aims to promote training and capacity building in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies, with the view to contribute to the promotion of Peace and Dialogue in the Middle East.

* Credit Hours: Students will be credited 3 Credit hours
* Course meeting times and place
The course will be piloted at La Sagesse University in Beirut during March and April 2014.
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This conference is sponsored by Al Arabiya Channel

On 11 May 2011, the Saudi Vice-Minister of Education, Mr Faisal bin Muaammar, and the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Ms Irina Bokova, have signed an agreement for the implementation of activities related to the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Programme for the Culture of Peace and Dialogue. This is a global initiative which UNESCO Beirut office is in charge of designing and implementing activities targeting 10 countries and territories, including Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Within the framework of this programme UNESCO Beirut will be organizing a 2 days conference for media personnel to discuss their role in promoting a culture of peace and dialogue among the public. The role of the media in the presentation of events, which in turn affects the shaping of people‘s perceptions of those events, is fundamental. In the way they report, the media can create tensions by spreading stereotypes or incorrect information, or ease tensions by explaining carefully social and political events that may create misperceptions between and among communities. Joint efforts to improve this situation across our region would have a positive effect, contributing to a culture of dialogue based on mutual acquaintance and respect. To this effect the conference aims to achieve the following objectives:


- Discuss and identify main existing opportunities and challenges faced by the media sector in relation to the promotion of a culture of dialogue and intercultural dialogue at the regional and national levels of the Arab States.
- Share successful existing experiences/initiatives that contributed to the promotion of a culture of dialogue through the media especially among youth.
- Come up with tangible recommendations for the promotion of a culture of dialogue in the media sector.
- Strengthen and sensitize a media support regional structure for the promotion of a culture of dialogue in the Arab states.


Topics to be discussed
- Introduction to Intercultural Dialogue and the Culture of Dialogue in the context of the Arab States;
- The potential of media in the promotion of ID;
- Related UN and International Declarations and Treaties and UNESCO work in this field;
- Media and its impact on youth – A field study by UNESCO;
- Special Challenges faced by media in divided and conflict affected societies;
- Successful stories and good initiatives from the field;
- Towards setting professional and ethical standards for media outlets to support intercultural dialogue and a culture of Dialogue;
- Launch of HAWER Website.


Format of the Meeting
The Meeting should be a mixture of presentations / and discussion groups, where participants can exchange their opinions and good practices, work on identifying their gaps and needs, and possibly come up with tangible recommendations.


Length and timing of the Meeting
The meeting will be of two days: 20/21 of February - 2014


Target group

We are targeting 50 media professionals and representatives working in: 

- Televisions
- Radios
- Written Press
- Social media outlets
- Media academic institutes

For additional info, please contact Maysoun Chehab, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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